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I want a new Kitchen from scratch, do i buy my own material or what?

You have the option of buying from your own sources and we just come to fit and charge for the labour. The other option will be to allow us to get you material from our side and charge for everything at once.

I have a kitchen and i am not happpy with the design can i do a makeover?

Yes most definitely we do help with makeovers and we will blow your mind as we have a lot of experience and a great eye to detail.

The colours in my home are not as i had planned i wnt to change them will that be expensive?

Depending on what you want it may vary in pricing so just talk to us and let us know what you have and what you need in turn.

Are there any hidden charges after?

Trust me there is none what we charge is all we take and it will be worth your money

My husband wants a blue colour and am happy with orange is there a professional solution?

Yes people’s tastes may differ and yes thee is always a compromise that can be reached. The best we can do is provide option and do our best to help with a third opinion


The sink leaks and has damaged my cupboard wha to do?

We can come and assess the damage then we can take it from there

Only the stove area is damaged do you have to redo everything?

Absolutely not, we can only do the part that needs attention otherwise a do over will be too expensive and unwarranted

I discovered that the previous guy who did my kitchen top was a fraud and now am stuck with an unprofessional design can you help?

We most definitely can, it is our job and our passion to help fix the damage others make in the quest to tanish the image of people like us.

Can you replace my wooden top with a granite of my choosing, the cupboards are still fine?

Granite is one of our specialty so we most definitely can help.

Do you only do Kitchen Tops?

Our specialists expand to beyond just kitchen tops we have in-house carpenters as well amongst other just inquire within.

Do you have more questions?